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jenny. 15. september 5. vietnamese-american. sophomore (go '11). loves sunflower seeds, coffee, and tootsie rolls. starbucks. high school musical. facebook addict. high school football lover. kpop. music. dance. acting. love reading facts. drama addict. hopeless romantic. dreamer. smiling. emotionless sometimes. hates fastfood. can't eat chocolate. loves family. click j omg. crazy friend family tree. husband, son, adoptive daughter, ex-husband son-in-law. friends for life.

everything and anything.

Me: bwahaha
you need to make this family tree or something
Ivy: someone jacked it!

Me: We'll call it 'Searching for $20!'
William: After school special

Steph: who was that freshmen you danced with?
Me: tory...or cory...i think....
Steph: wasn't it George? o.O
Me: no...was it?
Me: let me ask tam
Steph: i wonder if george has a fb
Me: oh wait...it is george.
man i have bad ears.
Steph: no it's just the music
i don't think george has a fb =(
Me: you're still searching! XD

Me: Do you have to look at me like that?
Danny: Yes
Me: Why?
Danny: I'm wondering if Asians really do see widescreen
Me: XD
Danny: But then why are they so bad at driving...

Tam: We live in the 90210 in New York
Me: Wrong one.
Tam: In Beverly Hills, Arizona
Me: California
Tam: Nevada
Me: California
Tam: California
Me: XD
Tam: Whatever XD

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